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Walk Outs for Broodmares

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Mare Walk Outs to all local studs

Mares accepted at any time of year

We have well drained winter grazing and all mares are covered to ensure optimal health coming into spring.

Priority is often given to walk in mares

Less stress on your mare

Ideal for maiden mares as they can be hard fed and given extra care they need while letting down

Treatments are given to mares in a timely manner

Regular care of feet and worming

Mares that are difficult to get in foal receive vet work they need

Less vet visits

Better conception rates   100% mares in foal 2009 to 2011 Seasons with 90%  off first service

No extra charge for this service if mares stays for 3 months

Reasonable Agistment rates

Individual requirements can be catered for

Stagger free pasture for mare prone to Grass Staggers and Head Shaking

Mares paddocked in pairs or fours

Maidens a Specialty

Foaling Avaialable